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Redefining fashion as a timeless celebration of individuality, our womenswear invites you to step into a world where every garment tells a story, crafted with care and conscience. Our commitment goes beyond trends; it's about enduring elegance that resonates through generations. Choose confidence, choose lasting impact, choose the essence of you


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Made With Durable Fabrics To Last Generations

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Step into the captivating universe crafted by Sahiba Saabqi, a fashion designer hailing from the vibrant city of Dubai. Her brainchild, Freedom, is a testament to her deep-rooted connection with the traditional textiles and intricate embroidery of her native Pakistan. With a keen desire to share her distinctive designs on a global stage, Sahiba channels the essence of her traditional Eastern heritage and seamlessly intertwines it with Western influences, resulting in a luxurious line of formal wear.

The genesis of Sahiba's creative journey traces back to the enchanting world curated by her mother's impressive collection of traditional outfits and accessories. As a child, she was enthralled by the detailed craftsmanship and intricate designs that adorned those garments. Growing up in a traditional Pakistani household steeped in cultural values,

In the pursuit of self-expression, Sahiba found her calling in the realm of fashion. The Birth of Freedom is a harmonious symphony, an artful blend that symbolizes the convergence of two cultural worlds.


Each piece is a canvas interweaving the rich tapestry of my traditional culture with modern influences. Freedom is more than just clothing; it's an immersive experience, a celebration of cultural fusion, and a declaration of individuality. Every embellishment echoes a sentiment, and each creation embodies the enduring spirit of freedom and cultural harmony.

-Sahiba Saabqi

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